Farmed Animals

Farmed Animals and the Law

据估计,美国每年有90亿只陆生动物被饲养和宰杀作为食物. 这些动物中有许多遭受了难以想象的虐待——其中大部分是完全合法的, under current law.

在美国,用于肉类、奶制品和蛋类行业的养殖动物是最受虐待的.S. Investigations and industry whistleblowers have revealed abuses on farms and in slaughterhouses so horrific, most people cannot even bear to witness them.

Abuse takes place outside the law, but much of the cruelty consists of commonplace, standard industry practices, and in most states legally sanctioned.

These common, cruel practices include:
  • 动物的睾丸、尾巴、角、喙或脚趾可以在没有麻醉的365平台APP下载被切除.
  • In most states, 动物被密集地限制在狭小的空间里,它们无法转身, extend their wings, or lie down comfortably, as in gestation crates, veal crates, and battery cages.
  • 为了人工重启下蛋周期,母鸡被有计划地饿死.
  • 雄性小鸡被活生生地碾碎,而小猪则被头撞地而死.
  • 幼崽在出生后不久就会被从母亲身边带走,这对双方都造成了痛苦. 为了吃小牛肉而饲养的小牛被严格限制住,它们无法转身或伸展四肢.


The Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to change this. Farmed animals are every bit as capable of feeling pain, and pleasure, as the animals who live inside our homes with us. 365平台APP下载正在争取制定更强有力的法律来保护饲养的动物,并更好地执行这些法律.

What You Can Do

Download Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Farmed Animals & The Law brochure and share with others!

As long as the law fails to meaningfully protect farmed animals, you can help reduce their suffering by adopting a plant-based diet.

Let lawmakers know that legal protections for all 动物很重要,你希望对饲养的动物制定和实施更有力的法律保护.

Sign the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Animal Bill of Rights at 让你们的联邦立法者知道,所有的动物都应该得到基本的法律保护,以防止最严重的虐待.

加入365app,通过法律体系来保护生命和促进动物的利益. We file cutting-edge lawsuits to fight abuses at factory farms, 365平台APP下载与立法者合作,加强保护养殖动物的法律, we assist prosecutors handling cruelty cases, and we promote the growth of animal law in schools, offices, and courtrooms across the nation.


Donate to Protect Animals

帮助动物赢得他们迫切需要和应得的法律保护, 并确保他们在全国各地的法庭和立法机构有一名支持者.

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